Program Statement

Welcome to We B Kidz program statement. Our Program statement describes our views of the children, families, and educators. We B Kidz program statement is consistent with the Minister’s policy statement on programming and pedagogy referred to in How Does Learning Happen? As we continue to explore the curriculum, we refer to the following Ministry documents for guidance:

We provide a positive framework to support our children, families, and educators in an environment that promotes belonging, engagement, expression, and well-being

Our View of Children

At We B Kidz, every child is a unique person with his/her own interests, abilities, individual needs. We believe every child deserves to feel belong, understood, and respected within our programs. Our educators support each child based on their unique interest, abilities and needs to grow and develop at their own pace and to reach their full potential. We view children as competent and capable individuals who can have complex thinking. We consider children to be curious and rich in potentials. We value children’s curiosity and sense of wonder and know that children learn valuable skills through play.

We B Kidz Goals and Approaches for Children

Health, safety, nutrition, and well-being

We believe that food and nutrition are necessary to a child’s development. we provide healthy nutritious food every day by offering 4 separate meals (full breakfast, lunch and 2 afternoon snacks).  All our food is home made and prepared from scratch in our centre’s kitchen. We follow Health Canada’s documents “Eating Well with Canada Food Guide” to ensure our children receive well-balanced meals during their care at the center. 

Safety of children is our top priority. We design safe play environment inside the classrooms and in our playground that reduce hazards that may cause injury. We are also proactive in our attempts to eliminate illnesses and diseases, to the best of our abilities, by practicing and promoting proper hygiene for both our staff and children as well as frequent sanitizing practices that follow the York Public Health guidelines. Children’s safety and security is our top priority hence we provide registered key swipes, to only families and educators, that allow access into the center. The cameras in the corridors and exits allow the management team to supervise all visits. The cameras inside the classroom also allow the supervisors to ensure the health and safety of the children are being met at all the time.

Incorporate Indoor and Outdoor Play (as Well as Active Play, Rest, and Quiet Time)

Our programing maintains a balance between active play, quiet play, and rest all promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being. We B Kidz creates flexible schedules that provide a level of predictable routine, while responding to individual needs. Rest time: We B Kidz understands that effective sleep and rest routines are essential in ensuring the development, growth, social and emotional well-being of each child in our care. We will ensure that all children have appropriate opportunities to sleep rest and relax in accordance with their individual needs 

Outdoor Play: Outdoor play is an integral part of the day schedule at We B Kidz and plays an important role in the development of children’s overall well-being. At We B Kidz we are aiming to provide safe, fun outdoor space for children where they can engage in various physical activities. In addition to providing physical benefits, outdoors play strengthens functioning in cognitive areas such as perception, attention, creative problem solving, and complex thinking 

Indoor Play: Small group activities which offer choices and giving options to children are being offered to children throughout the day. We are responsive to individual needs and interests of children. The small group activities increase children’s engagement.

Supporting Relationship:

Loving, positive and responsive relationships with adults are fundamental to children’s development. We B Kidz educators build strong relationship with children by being responsive, sensitive and available for children at all the time. When children feel safe and secure, in their relationship with the educators, they are more likely to have the confidence to explore and learn new skills. To support children’s care, growth and development, our educators interact and communicate with parents on daily basis sharing observations, documentations, and reflections.

Encouraging children to interact, communicate, & self regulate:

Interactions and communications in the early years create the foundation for a child’s future social skills. In our commitment in supporting children’s social and emotional skills, we use following approaches in our classrooms

Fostering exploration, play & inquiry:

As educators of young children, we acknowledge that play is a right of each child. Play is one of the most important ways in which young children gain essential knowledge and skills. For this reason, play opportunities and environments that promote play, exploration and hands on learning are at the core of our program. Our educators plan, participate, collaborate and document children progress in plays. Through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments. We help children improve cognitive development in memory, concentration, attention, perception, imagination and creativity with setting up playing opportunities.

Child-initiated and Adult-supported Activities and Documentation:

Our educators are responsible for providing experiences and activities that are child initiated and adult-supported every day. We B Kidz educators are consistently observing children throughout the day. They use play and conversations that happen during play to determine the children’s interests. They document children’s interest to plan activities in small groups. The small group activities promote educational choices for the children and provide the opportunity for children to engage in activities that they are interested in it, which increase their opportunities for learning. 

These observation and documentation reflect in the toys and materials provided in the classrooms, the furniture arrangement, the creative work of children, the activities children are engaging in, on the planning documents posted for parents to read and discuss with the educators.

We B Kidz Educators:

The We B Kidz educators are knowledgeable, caring, reflective, and resourceful professionals. Our dedicated Early Childhood Educators are all registered through the College of Early Childhood Educators and adhere to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Our educators are trained in First Aid and CPR and are carefully selected and screened to provide a safe, secure, healthy and inviting environment for children. Using their diverse backgrounds, they collaborate with one another and the community partners in order to create engaging and educational environments for the children.

Support staff in relation to continuous professional learning

Teachers at We B Kidz are committed to participating in a minimum of 4 sessions of in house and outside workshops and training sessions per year. This allows them to keep their knowledge updated and be able to bring new methods and ideas into the classroom. Supervisor provides staff with opportunities to attend all mandatory and supplemental training. Tracks all training completed by each staff. We hold quarterly meetings with all our educators in order to go over ideas, policies etc. We believe that our educators must feel happy, engaged and feel a sense of belonging to the center’s values and philosophy in order to provide qualified learning experiences for the children.

We B Kidz Learning Environments:

We designed our classroom with great care. We see parents/guardians as the children’s first teacher, the We B Kidz educators as the second teacher and the environment as the third teacher for children. Our language-rich environment encourages children to communicate through their physical movement, words, and use of materials. Our classrooms are designed to maximize children’s learnings and foster children’s exploration, play and inquiry in five major areas:

  1. Reading
  2. Cognitive
  3. Block and Carpets
  4. Creative Arts
  5. Dramatic

Most importantly, we have organized the space and materials to create an environment where children can feel calm, comfortable and safe.

Involving Community Partners:

Involving community partners is an instrumental part of creating a positive and supportive environment. We engage in constructive relationships with community agencies; they provide resources, information, and classroom support to better meet the needs of our children, families, and educators. We work collaboratively with our local universities, community colleges, and high schools to offer opportunities for student training and experiences. Partnering with these institutions provides us with additional knowledge and resources to further support our program. We also welcome volunteers from the community as well.

Our View of Families

We B Kidz recognizes that families are experts on their children. They are the first and the most powerful influence on their children’s learning, development, health and well being. We encourage a partnership with parents where relationships are respectful of structure, culture, values, language and knowledge. Integrating parent and family presence in a meaningful and authentic way throughout all elements of our program is important to us. The children’s learning and development happens within the context of a relationship among children, families, educators and the environment. At the We B Kidz the open-door policies allow the families to visit their children at any time during the day and engage with them in their daily activities. We provide daily reports for younger age groups which allows parents to be informed and engaged in their children’s lives at We B Kidz. Parents of all age groups are encouraged to communicate with the educators and supervisors on the daily during the pickup or drop off hours. Families can also contact classrooms at any time to speak directly with their children’s teachers during the day. Any suggestions or concerns raised by parents are followed up promptly. The management would follow up with the parents to discuss the needed action to be taken.

Evaluation of the Impact of strategies outlines in We B Kidz program statement on children and families

In order to evaluate the impact of strategies outlined We B Kidz Statement on children and families within our centres, supervisors and educators will engage in ongoing assessment and reflection of their programs. Regular review will include, but is not limited to: