Waiting List Policy

After receiving a tour at We B Kidz, the supervisor will confirm with the parents whether the dates and the age group that the parents are requesting are available. If not, the supervisor will provide information about when spaces are expected to open in the requested age group. Should the date requested for care not be available, parents may choose to be placed on a waitlist by filling out the waitlist form, with no deposits required. Please note that the waitlist does not secure a spot for a child. 

Determining Placement Priority when a Space Becomes Available

  1. Children who are currently enrolled and need to move to the next age grouping, or need to increase the days of their program (ex: from part time to full time)
  2. Siblings of children currently enrolled
  3. Children of staff
  4. Other children on the waiting list will be prioritized based on program room availability and the chronology in which the child was placed on the waiting list.

Center supervisor will contact parents on the waitlist in the order and present them the first date of care that becomes available. We will try to contact parents through phone number and email address listed on the waitlist form:


  • Should you decide to register your child for the available start date, supervisor will coordinate with you the date to complete the registration package and pay the registration deposit within 48 hours.
  • Should you decide that you do not want the next available date of care that is offered to you, supervisor will contact the next family on the wait list thereby forfeiting your spot on the wait list, placing you at the back of the list.
  • If we don’t hear back from you within 48 hours from the date that we contact you, we will offer the spot to the next family on the waitlist list thereby forfeiting your spot on the wait list, placing you at the back of the list.

Maintaining Privacy and Confidentiality

The day care waiting list will be maintained in a manner that protects the privacy and confidentiality of the children and families on the list and therefore names of other children or families and/or their placement on the waiting list will not be shared with other individuals. Parents who wish to know their position on the wait list are to call the office or visit us where the supervisor or designate will inform the family verbally of their number in line.